About Sami Harr

Sami is an unashamed bookaholic who has been known to speed through as many as four novels in a day.

Mrs. Harr reads a little bit of everything. Self-help, the occasional biography, horror, thrillers, mystery, young adult, all of it. The books she reads most, though, are paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Sami decided to take her reading to the next level and turn it into a review page. She still keeps the same frenetic reading pace and has added in blogging about the books she devours. As the site grows, she hopes to lead other voracious readers to the best books and away from the ones that were a waste of time.

Mrs. Harr has also discovered a passion for writing. She has begun her first novel, escapist fiction for the busy woman who wants her books to be short and have a happily-ever-after ending.

Sami was born in the rural Southern US, can change her own oil, is a darn good shot, and loves to say things like “Y’all” and “Bless your heart.” She currently lives with the love of her life, their three adorable dogs, and one cranky cat, out in the beautiful hills of North Carolina.