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Jane’s website is a must for aspiring, new, and ready-to-publish authors. Jane has generously made tons of advice available for FREE.

She’s an industry insider with a ton of knowledge. She also teaches courses for Writer’s Digest and has a guide out called Publishing 101 to help you navigate through the publishing world. I learned a megaton about different types of story structure from her.

Her blog has been running for years and has enough knowledge in it to teach you more than any degree, I think. I’ve learned more from her than I have from years of studying, anyway!

Helping Writers Become Authors

K. M. Weiland is an authority on novel structure. She has written several books that are really good and she has produced the Outlining Your Novel Workbook software, which I love.

Her website is chock-full of free resources, too. She is incredibly generous and shares a lot of knowledge. She has posted years worth of excellent advice. I recommend that you go there ASAP and get your “learn” on.

Paid Programs

Self-Publishing School

SPS_banner_NEW.jpgThis course and subscription program teaches you how to how to write and publish books quickly and easily. My favorite part is the support you get.

Everyone in the community is there to learn and help each other. The two main people who run it, Chandler Bolt and Sean Sumner, personally help each and every author that signs up. I love it!!

Sign up for the Master Plan and SPS will teach you how to come up with your book idea, outline your book, write it, publish it, and even market it. This was a wonderful investment for me. I believe in this so much that I am an affiliate, so if you click through and purchase the course, I’ll get paid.

Joseph Michael is THE expert when it comes to Scrivener, which is what a lot of authors use to manage their projects and write their books. I learned more in an hour-long webinar from him than I did from the entire Scrivener tutorial. Seriously. This program is absolutely worth more than I paid for it.

Joseph Michael is one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. If you click the link, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a video tour of his courses. I’ll receive a commission if you go on to purchase one of them.


Advice From The Greats


K. M. Weiland

Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software